Scary Maze Games: When Getting Scared Gets Funny

Posted by admin on August 4, 2011 – 8:21 pm

There is something about the those virtual computer games which has the abilities to keep the players glued to the screen and when it comes to the scary maze game, players just go bonkers over it and its fun-filled yet frightening factors. In real the fear factor is the major aspect of addiction in these scary maze games, which keep the players fastened with the computer screen with absolute thrill and excitement, to some extent they wait unknowingly for the scary faces of the demons to howl back at them at the end of the day, to scare the hell out of them and there lies the life of these games. According to game experts, people find an absurd kind of enjoyment in being scared and startled which gives them a sort of adrenaline rush and psychological pleasure mixed with fear and this technique works best with these scary games.

The popularity of these kind of scary movies gets proved with the fact that this game is present in every game lover’s collection in America and at the same time it’s swarming, despite of the frightening sensation, which people have started to enjoy and to get involved in, to explore the ultimate reaction and climax. Despite of so many unsuspecting players getting scared at the end of the game and reacting in quite hilarious manners, the presence of these games are not dwindling at all and neither is its fame getting hampered.

The reason behind this fact is simple. People virtually like to be scared and frightened as they enjoy those sudden chill and thrill of encountering the demon faces and their effects! Though they complain later about the horrifying effects and the embarrassing outcomes form the same but the same thing impels them to spread words about the games and raises curiosity about it in other players who have not yet experienced the fun. These flash games has amusing capabilities to capture your attention and concentration which allows you to follow the simple instructions of the game, stage by stage as you reach the higher levels and then comes the alarmingly terrifying surprise in the form of a horrible ghostly face, when the player would least expect it.

The rule of the game is plain and easy, one just have to keep moving a red dot, without touching the walls and initially it seems pretty simple as the concentration deepens with higher levels of the game and the seriousness too increases, until the climatic moment of a sudden grotesque face which basically is a character drawn from the frightening Hollywood horror movies of a frightening horror movie would scream out at your face form the screen. The humorous aftereffects are worth witnessing when the victim players gets startled like anything resulting into either falling off their seat, screaming or leaping out of their chair or at times, they even try to hit the monitors out of disgust and a sense of self defense. Well, if the piece of writing has caught your imagination about these scary games, go ahead and try your immunity against fear as the internet will provide you ample samples of these games.

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