The Scary Maze Game – Play the Scary Maze Game Online

The Scary Maze game

There are a total of four levels to the scary maze game, and the object of the scary maze game is simply to get the small pixel all the way to the end of the maze without touching any of the walls. Sounds easy enough, right? The game definitely requires a bit of coordination to win, but better still, there is a bit of a twist. The game provides a great deal of fun for players as they work to keep the little pixel away from all of the walls of the maze. Players will likely try again and again as they work to prove themselves smarter than a simple flash game. The first two levels are remarkably easy, but the difficulty picks up just a bit for the last two. When you finally reach the end, there is a scream of a surprise waiting for you!

There are four Levels in the Scary maze game


Level 1

The appearance of the game looks easy enough and most people easily finish the first level because it is very easy.The non threatening appearance of the Scary Maze Game is part of it’s genius. Level one looks so ridiculously easy, most people that try it just to quiet down the person who has challenged them.dont know they are in for a surprise at the end.

scary maze


level 2

After easily finishing level one, a smaller path appears and level two begins. This level is also easy so the player finishes the scary maze game level 2 quickly enough.

the scary maze game

Level 3

Then things begin to get tricky. Level three consists of a much smaller path to navigate and the unsuspecting participant will most often scoot closer to the screen and start to focus. Many people will actually hit a wall on this level. At which time, the scary maze game simply starts over at level one. This has been known to happen numerous times on level three. This becomes increasingly frustrating to the player, which is now completely drawn in. They will often request complete silence, as they are now more determined than ever to beat the deceptive maze game.


scary maze game


Level 4

Finish the level to find out the surprise at the end!

The Scary Maze Game

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142 Responds so far- Add one»

  1. 1. leighanne Said:

    this game is SOOOO SCARY hahah not

  2. 2. nina Said:

    it freaked my mom out

  3. 3. tht scared the crap out of mee Said:

    tht was super scary

  4. 4. asiaa Said:

    i love the scary maze game!!!

  5. 5. lyasia Said:

    i love this game

  6. 6. HI CEEEPY Said:


  7. 7. gracie Said:

    that is so funny my brother told me somthing was going to pop up i didnt believe him i finished the game and im still shaking

  8. 8. Sexy Said:

    my friend pee’d her pants! IT WAS SO DAMN FUNNY!

  9. 9. SweetNshy Said:


  10. 10. morgan Said:

    im still shakeing frome that so mean

  11. 11. brooke Said:

    oh my gosh i knew it would happen but i still got surprised :)

  12. 12. bayaan Said:

    this was not scary it was very easy so why n you dont try it people just keep on trying tell you get it right

  13. 13. david Said:

    tahahahahahaha u cant scare me

  14. 14. xiomarie rivera Said:


  15. 15. Dan Said:

    Tooo Beast!…. :D

  16. 16. kayla Said:

    OMg!!! we were super scared!!! we through the computer

  17. 17. jayla harris Said:

    oh my gosh while i was playing the game when i got to the end i scream cause that lady scare me when she scream

  18. 18. savanna Said:

    it was so hard my big brother did it he passed we got so sard i scremd my brother had jumped he ran out the door

  19. 19. shun Said:

    TThis made my mom scream out loud sol!

  20. 20. angel Said:

    its sssssssssssssscccccccccccccaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  21. 21. Keira Said:

    omg my friend just jumped this is an epic game

  22. 22. riley Said:

    not scary the exorcist is my favorite movie

  23. 23. angela Said:

    that so scary

  24. 24. boo Said:

    what the ……………………………………………………

  25. 25. Cleo Said:

    Its sooo funny”!

  26. 26. kim Said:

    sacry maze is cool i justed played and got sacred

  27. 27. Alexa Said:

    Oh my gosh! My older sister April wanted me to do this maze so I sat at her computer and did the maze,and on level 3 just out of no where pops up this look alike chucky face! I was so scared!! I opened a scar on my sisters’ leg when I jumped out of her seat. It was terrifying!!

  28. 28. Kain Said:

    shit myself

  29. 29. riley Said:

    thats funny

  30. 30. russel mahler Said:

    @school scared lots of class mates SO funny i do this maze lots never lose at it <3 BYE add me on FACEBOOK

  31. 31. makayla winkler Said:

    damn i got so freaked out but its so much fun to play but make it more diffuclut

  32. 32. aushanae Said:

    scary maze game is scary when the man/girl pops up.

  33. 33. neesha Said:


  34. 34. isy Said:


  35. 35. chandra eastman Said:

    it scared me

  36. 36. TyRek Said:

    scaring da s$&$ out of people in school

  37. 37. britt Said:

    not even scary but its scary to my sister she wet her pants lol

  38. 38. Saffron Said:

    OMG when the lady screamed my cat walked past and jumped a mile!!! she ran away for 5 monthes after that :)

  39. 39. Juliass Said:

    lmfao i’ve done this b4 and it still scares me

  40. 40. ethan kil Said:

    i did this like a million times and am still not scared, on the first time i jumped on the second nothing!!! i even turned up the volume at 100. you all are wusses.

  41. 41. xiomarie Said:

    you scared me and my friend again!!

  42. 42. jasmine browne Said:

    you really scared me it was funny

  43. 43. alex Said:

    omg i love this game it scared the crap out of me

  44. 44. jake Said:

    i scared the crap out of my 12 year old brother

  45. 45. Said:

    nice try im use to seeing it anyways

  46. 46. cody Said:

    so funny i got my brother with it twice

  47. 47. mookie33 Said:

    omg i almost peed on my self

  48. 48. janie Said:

    i scared the crap out of my friend:)

  49. 49. GoodGurl Said:

    thz game is awesome i playd it and my baby sistr cried and she ran out the room!!!!

  50. 50. maggie kill Said:

    OMG my brother just played thiz and he got so scared he ran into the wall. LOL :)

  51. 51. Aliyah Said:

    Hahaha,me & my 7yr old brother laughed & my 11yr old brother screamed..Smh*

  52. 52. eli Said:

    you dis game scared the holy crap out of mii im the most tuff ist person ill’v ever known b
    ut that maze is two f in scary

  53. 53. jaelyn Said:

    yo this game i played it od times but i always get scared

  54. 54. sexy Said:

    not cool my mom screamed and me so scary

  55. 55. Taylor Said:

    i scared all my friends and family with this maze. it was the best maze ever

  56. 56. mini messi Said:

    so cool :)

  57. 57. MARIAH Said:


  58. 58. yousaf Said:

    cool game

  59. 59. murder vampire Said:

    cooooooooooooool freeks me out

  60. 60. miss star Said:

    I Scared my 16 old brow and He CRIEd!!!!!! LOLZ

  61. 61. zaynab Said:

    hi u guys if u have facebook give and i love the game! :)

  62. 62. kendra Said:

    freaky :(

  63. 63. yahaira Said:


  64. 64. mattR. Said:

    WOW. me and ma cousins just freaked the crap out! luv this game.
    our reactions:
    :D :) :o :’(

  65. 65. vichel Said:

    i’m just got a little suprised

  66. 66. ty Said:

    It was so scary I thought the face was going to get me

  67. 67. sohail Said:

    oooooooooooooooooooo don’t! go on it please aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  68. 68. Billy.T Said:

    so cool and scary

  69. 69. charlotte Said:

    Omg i pissed myself

  70. 70. kathy Said:

    the first time i got so scared but then i got uset to it

  71. 71. amir Said:

    it is scary

  72. 72. osergywsvxxx Said:

    omg when u use headpones it really scares me but i kinda got used to the screaming and the facexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  73. 73. wag1 Said:

    i nearly died i had nightmares it freeked me n my mum

  74. 74. chloe arkell Said:

    This isn’t even scary ITS EPIC!!

  75. 75. bailey Said:

    so wickid

  76. 76. Kara Said:

    People say ‘oh damn its so scary’ well if ur 1 of those people then ur just a scary cat i think its quite awesome u no!!! Unlike u!!!

  77. 77. alex birkenhead Said:

    thats soooooooo scary just throw my laptop at my wall and it still works im still shaking =))

  78. 78. EMILY Said:


  79. 79. jazlynn Said:

    This is my favorite game it scared my brother

  80. 80. Brooke Said:

    My BFF jumped and shes the one who showed this to me it was funny.

  81. 81. asia Said:

    My cosins and sister is so scared that they don’t want to see

  82. 82. asia Said:

    I lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve this:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) game

  83. 83. cutie girl Said:

    my brothers and i were soooooooooooooo scared!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. 84. megha Said:

    my mom is scared of this

  85. 85. Summer Said:

    Ive seen it sooooo many times it’s just funny and stuff like that. Lool XD

  86. 86. Miguel Said:

    This is scary with head phones

  87. 87. asia Said:

    My GM a can’t look she’s scared

  88. 88. ivy Said:

    omg that was so funny i let my littel sis do this see is so scard that she cant sleep! :( :) ;)

  89. 89. lol Said:

    not scary!!!!!!

  90. 90. nadia Said:

    lol this is scary

  91. 91. nadia Said:

    really freaked out right now

  92. 92. shasha Said:

    love it i keep playing it over nd over again

  93. 93. Trevon Said:

    this thing was so funnnnnyyy. i did it to my cousin and he peeeddd his pants.

  94. 94. denis Said:

    funny stuff bro i beat all the mazes with my cousins funny stuff brother

  95. 95. denis Said:

    hahahaha this one i kinda like :)

  96. 96. Alice Said:

    It scared me

  97. 97. peter clark Said:

    reece hawkings face is wores than this

  98. 98. kaishlyn Said:

    i was ssssssssssssssscccccccccccccccccaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeddddddddddddd

  99. 99. jordyn Said:

    i almost had a heart attack!!!!!

  100. 100. jordyn Said:

    that was funny

  101. 101. alexis Said:

    i was sooooooooooooooooooo scaredwhen i had done this game

  102. 102. shazz Said:

    i love this game xxxxx:) :) :) :)

  103. 103. hayati Said:

    this game is the best

  104. 104. bekti Said:

    the game is danger

  105. 105. havana parkin Said:

    it was amazing i never new that if you hit the wall 3 times that the exorcist wud pop up lol and have ya seen the reaction on youtube where the man gets so scared and punches the screen and it goes straight through the screen hhahah pmsl mintage tho lol

    add me on facebook i am Havanaa Jadee Parkinn cheers
    ;) ;) ;) ;)

  106. 106. fde Said:

    its the best game 4 ever

  107. 107. meads Said:

    My little sister started to cry and i was laghing my head of

  108. 108. jamie Said:

    omg that wa sick mate i pissed myself litrally x

  109. 109. dylan Said:

    it was so scary I shows all my teachers they all jumped

  110. 110. Georgia Said:

    Godd and ssssssssssssaaaaaaasssssaaarrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyhyyyyyyyyy

  111. 111. matthew lima Said:

    its esay it freaked out my sister when i showed her this game

  112. 112. loody mmody Said:

    my brother and me were so scared we were screaming like little girls and we triped over the vase and then we craped our pants

  113. 113. mara Said:

    hahahahahahahaha fun
    i love it!!!!!

  114. 114. Holly Said:

    that was scary

  115. 115. yasmin Said:

    that was so scary i jumped out my skin it was horrible i showed my friend and she cryed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  116. 116. christoph Said:

    OMG. i just played it twice, both times i pissed myslef, im a guy and i still dont have the balls to play it again

  117. 117. ronny Said:

    the first time it scared me now it docent

  118. 118. jane Said:

    this game is very hard and scary i kept knocking into walls.

  119. 119. dayana gomez Said:

    my friend threw the laptop on the flop

  120. 120. sinu Said:

    so not sacry but my borther is very sared

  121. 121. Caitlin Said:

    its not scary to me lol because im not that scared

  122. 122. nhil patrick Said:

    i was so scared ;’(

  123. 123. lillie Said:

    Omfg !
    I was so fucken scared

  124. 124. None Said:

    my brother practically screamed like a girl when he finished and freaked out when he saw the face even without the sound! I laughed so much it still hurts.

  125. 125. Dane Said:

    oh yeah!!! scared d hell out of my sisterz!!!

  126. 126. kayla Said:

    it scared the shit out of my 8 yr old brother haaha

  127. 127. Your name Said:

    that was so funny and scary at the same time

  128. 128. mckalenthestar Said:

    that was so funny and scary

  129. 129. rissa Said:


  130. 130. lynnise Said:

    i almost had a heart attact

  131. 131. Nereyda Said:

    hahahaahahahahahaa i love this game so much it didnt made my mom scared but it did to everyone else lol seriose love you johnpeire

  132. 132. ketsia Said:

    thats so so so so so scary

  133. 133. haz1 Said:


  134. 134. prnce garlo Said:

    hahahahahahaha thi game is best in the world

  135. 135. Kay;a Said:

    I had a heart attack!!!!

  136. 136. jija Said:

    that game is so scary until i dreamnt about the scariest girl and i like the game but i some times get really really really frightened and scared or shocked every one in my family and cousins

  137. 137. jija Said:

    are very scary :) and shocked sometimes and even i am vvvvery scared i haaaate the game

  138. 138. kiefer Said:

    best game ever its looks like a game for ayana laney

  139. 139. Good Dad Said:

    My 7 year old son Wyatt jumped to the ceiling. It was awesome!

  140. 140. kieran Said:

    awsome i jumped a little not alot

  141. 141. rachel Said:


  142. 142. aizah786 Said:

    this is the scaryist game i ever played i pissed my pants

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